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Low-voltage withstand voltage tester Automatic operation procedure

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  Low-voltage withstand voltage tester Automatic operation procedure


  Note: The setting area is the parameter set by the user according to the level of the tested product, and the display area is the data detected during the current test.

7, click the start button, contactor suction, at this time the low pressure pressure tester system begins to automatically boost pressure;

Note: In the process of pressure boost, if you want to stop the boost, you can click the pause button, click the button again, the system will continue to boost.

8. When the voltage rises to the target voltage set by the user, the system starts timing;

9, when the pressure to the user set time, the system automatically reduce pressure until the regulator back to zero, at this time the equipment will emit a sound drops, indicating that the test is qualified.

Note: If the sample is unqualified, the low pressure resistance tester will make a long sound.

Click the button to save the test data, the system enters the test interface, click the return button of the test interface, the system enters the main interface, click the system view button of the main interface, enter the database saved by the system.

11. Click the × after any group of data or groups of data, it will become √, indicating that this group or groups of data is selected.

12, click the print button, the system will automatically print the selected data.

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