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Customers of Northeast Dianli University visited the electrical inspection and exchange

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Recently, professor wang from the northeast dianli university, electrical engineering graduate students visit our visit exchanges, acceptance in our custom power test products, at the same time learning related products test operation method, the acceptance of the main products include: variable frequency series resonance overvoltage withstand test device, impulse voltage generator and test related products.


Professor Wang and his team first visited the frequency conversion series resonance production process and related product testing technology and equipment in the production workshop of our company, and gave full recognition to the orderly production, strict and standardized process and real-time process inspection quality control. Then I came to the product testing center of our company to accept relevant products, learn on site, and test and operate them.


In the professional product testing and testing center of our company, our technical engineer explained the main technical parameters of the product and the test operation steps of the demonstration product to Professor Wang and his team on site. After further communication and learning, Professor Wang also carried out the test operation on the site. Through the actual field operation test, through the comparison of the test results, Professor Wang gave a high evaluation of the frequency conversion series resonant voltage test device, the impact voltage generator product quality and intelligent operation process produced by our company.


The product acceptance was perfectly passed. Professor Wang and his party signed a long-term cooperation and customized product research and development letter of intent with our company, and determined the long-term cooperation intention of the research and development of electric power related testing equipment and customized products in the later period.


Thanks for the trust and support of customers of Northeast Dianli University. Wuhan Electric will always win the support and trust of customers by constantly upgrading product technology, high quality product quality and perfect after-sales service. Also will continue to adhere to the "user first" principle, to provide customers with better quality products and services.

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