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CYXZ frequency conversion series resonant voltage test device

Frequency conversion series resonance is through the excitation transformer, reactor to form a series loop (L), and then the test (C) in parallel to form a resonant circuit, by adjusting the frequency of the test power supply loop inductance L and test ca

introduce / Brief Introduction
The frequency conversion series resonance test device is composed of frequency conversion control unit, excitation transformer, reactor, capacitance voltage divider and compensation capacitor. By changing the series and parallel of the reactor to be suita
Configuration table / Configuration Table















product features / Product Characteristics

The frequency conversion series resonance voltage withstand test device is suitable for various occasions requiring AC voltage withstand, which can not only meet the demand of high voltage and large capacity products, but also meet the demand of small capacity and high voltage withstand.

Reference standard: GB50150, DL/T 474.4-2006, DL/T 596-2005, DL/T849.6-2004.

Frequency conversion series resonance is through the excitation transformer, reactor to form a series loop (L), and then the test (C) in parallel to form a resonant circuit, by adjusting the frequency of the test power supply loop inductance L and test capacitor C resonance, so as to obtain high voltage.
The test power supply capacity requirements are small, only the traditional power frequency voltage capacity of 1/Q, Q≥30. A variety of power supply, convenient on-site electricity;

High reliability and good stability. The core components are imported, stable voltage output and frequency output, reasonable electromagnetic compatibility design, complete protection function, can be applied to different occasions;

Intelligent frequency conversion tuning, can automatically tune, scan the resonant frequency, can also be manually found. During the automatic scanning, the system automatically sweeps the frequency from 30Hz to 300Hz. After the scanning is complete, the system finds the resonant frequency based on the scanning results. Within the range of ±5Hz, the system scans the resonant frequency with 0.01Hz as the resolution, and finally precisely locking the resonant frequency.

Find the resonant frequency of the system, the equipment can be in accordance with the pre-set section test or single test for automatic pressure boost, automatic completion of the test, and record the test results. Can also be manually regulated pressure, pressure test;

When the test item is broken down, the system detuning, high voltage disappear, the test item damage is small;

Perfect protection function. With zero protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, flashover protection and other functions, to ensure the reliability of the system;

Flexible configuration, matching different reactor combination, can meet different test requirements.

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