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Israeli customer to purchase a batch of electrical foreign trade equipment

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On April 22, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced Hubei province and Wuhan to the world. It has been one year since the end of the COVID-19 outbreak. Wuhan's rapid economic recovery has set a good example for the global economic recovery. Wuhan electric market center foreign trade department came good news, Israeli customers to purchase electrical equipment.

  The client company is an Israeli power company, Elspec Engineering Ltd. The customer purchased equipment from the electrical frequency voltage test device (intelligent console + gas transformer) YDQ-10KVA100KV, HZCJ-200KV20KJ impulse voltage generator (English version), etc.
  The customer Elspec Engineering Ltd sent an inquiry in March about the power frequency withstand voltage test device and the lightning impulse voltage test device. The business manager understood the customer's requirements and then gave the customer a quotation. The quoted colleague provided the customer with technical parameters and quotation, instructions and brief introduction of electrical qualifications.

  By now, the production of this batch of equipment has been completed by the electrical production department. According to the customer's requirements, relevant introduction videos and pictures of product panels, appearance and packing cases have been taken for the customer's acceptance. After the customer's remote acceptance, our company has carried out a strict quality test, and has successfully delivered the goods.
  The successful completion of the cooperation is completely based on customers' trust in Electric power. Electric power has been a power test equipment manufacturer for 20 years and a professional power test equipment solution provider. A company can make customers fully trust, product quality and after-sales service is beyond doubt.

  The epidemic is merciless, but human beings love each other. In this epidemic, ELECTRIC power is committed to providing better power testing equipment for domestic and foreign customers, and making its own contribution to the power industry at home and abroad. In the face of this epidemic, mankind has joined hands as a collective destiny and faced up to difficulties. We would like to express our gratitude to customers who have given us support and care during the epidemic period. In the future, we will return to you with better products and services.
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