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Service commitment

Quality and after-sales service commitment

  We will be in strict accordance with the "quality and after-sales service commitment" to implement the relevant products and services, and we will as always believe that quality, system, comprehensive, fast full range of service is the foundation of enterprise development. After years of continuous exploration and progress, we have formed the "customer as the core, quality as the first life of the enterprise" service concept. With strict quality management, advanced technology to create the domestic first-class electric logging service enterprises as the goal, formulated the "standard management system, strict process control, ensure the quality of our products and services, customer satisfaction" quality management policy, for many years has always been to adhere to the fundamental principle of "user first", gradually build a good sales and after-sales service system, Strive to provide customers with better pre-sale, sale and after-sales service!

I. Pre-sales service Commitment:

1, to provide professional pre-sales consultation, within 2 hours to answer your product consultation and professional technical questions.

2, provide detailed product information, within 4 hours you need to send the product information, and strive for you to receive within two days.

3, to provide reasonable product quotation, within 2 hours to provide you with a reasonable quotation.

4, to provide field visits and reception, welcome you to our company at any time, and try to provide you with a variety of convenient conditions for the investigation work.

Ii. Service Commitment during sales:

1. We use the national uniform "Industrial Products Sales Contract" to sign contracts and technical agreements with you, and strictly implement the provisions of the contract.

2. Consciously abide by the provisions of contract Law to ensure the smooth performance of contracts and technical agreements.

3, try to provide you with quality products on time and in quantity, and use the best mode of transportation to ensure that you receive the goods intact.

4. Actively communicate with users, respect users' arrangements, and provide users with thoughtful technical support.

5, according to the provisions of the contract to provide you with inspection, installation, debugging and technical training and other services.

6, regardless of the contract amount, we are fair to all customers in terms of price and service.

Iii. After-sales Service Commitment:

1. We will provide relevant technical training and technical materials according to the requirements of users.

2, if the product has quality problems, our company will provide one year of free warranty service, according to the contract agreed.

3, we guarantee that within 10 minutes telephone guidance, by the user to troubleshoot the equipment by themselves.

4, for the instrument under 10 kg, within two days to troubleshoot or provide new equipment for your temporary use, until the damaged equipment is repaired.

5, for more than 10 kg of instruments, in three days to troubleshoot or provide new equipment for your temporary use, until the damage equipment is repaired.

After-sales Service Commitment

Our after-sales service commitment is: "within 3 months of return, 1 year of replacement, 3 years of free maintenance, lifelong maintenance." In the future, we will, as always, adhere to the three star service!

Note: The product details are subject to the actual product, please confirm with our sales staff before purchase, please refer to the product manual for specific model parameters. Wuhan Hezhong Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD has the right to interpret this after-sales service commitment. If you have any questions, please call: 400-027-8848.

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