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The main products of Wuhan Hezhong Electric include: Series resonance test equipment, high voltage to high voltage equipment, transformer, high voltage switch testing equipment testing instruments, circuit breaker, relay protection testing instruments/secondary loop testing instrument, the cable fault testing/line testing instrument, the lightning arrester test instrument, electricity, gas inspection/insulator/SF6 instrument, oil testing instrument, the dc system/battery test instrument, the reactive power Compensation/generator testing instruments, power measurement products, grounding resistance series/insulation test series, power test accessories products, such as a total of 180 products.

And there are a variety of power testing products in continuous research and development, at present, our company has achieved product serialization, diversification, large-scale production, and can accept customized product research and development and production.

At present, Wuhan United Electric has many offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guizhou, Hunan, Xi 'an and other parts of the country, serving customers all over the country electric power companies, electric power operation service enterprises, railway and subway operation enterprises, industrial and mining chemical enterprises, scientific research institutes and so on. The series products provided by Wuhan Hezhong Electric, such as series resonant voltage withstand test device, intelligent power frequency voltage withstand test device, high current temperature rise test system, impulse voltage generator, ultra-low frequency high voltage generator, partial discharge detector and so on, are well received and recommended by the majority of users.

At the same time, wuhan Hezhong Electric r & D and production, impact voltage generator, ultra-low frequency high voltage generator, partial discharge detector, transformer integrated test system and other products, all the year round exported to overseas, by overseas customers praise.

In the future, Wuhan Hezhong Electric will continue to take innovation as its life, talent as its foundation, management as its foundation, competition as its growth, market as its guidance, quality as its survival, and the wisdom of the family to focus on the development of the electric power test equipment industry and make it a model in the industry!

——Editor-in-Chief Chiyu Power
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