Circuit Breaker Test Equipment

  • Vacuum Switch Degree Tester Circuit Breaker Test Machine

    ZKD series vacuum switch vacuum degree tester is very convenient to deduct the leakage current due to environmental factors, directly display the vacuum degree value, vacuum circuit breaker user can know the vacuum state of arc extinguishing chamber in detail.
  • Loop Resistance Tester Digital Tester Multimeter

    It is suitable for high-voltage switch contact (loop) resistance high precision test, which is also suitable for other occasions requiring large current and micro resistance measurements. The test current is recommended by the national standard DC 100A and 200A.
  • High Voltage Switch Dynamic Characteristic Tester

    High Voltage Switch Dynamic Characteristic Testerthe mechanical appplies to test SF6 switches, GIS composite appliances, vacuum switches and oil switches for all models produced at home and abroad. Strong anti-interference capability can also be easily tested and accurately measured in the case of the electric-charged bus in the 500KV substation.
  • Laboratory Temperature Rise Test Equipment for Circuit Breaker

    automatic temperature rise test device is used for manufacturers testing the high and low voltage electrical products before delivery. It provides two functions of large current and temperature test.