Transformer Oil Tester

  • Automatic Portable Transformer Insulation Oil Dielectric Loss Tan Delta Test

    Automatic dielectric loss tester is the high accuracy measuring instrument for power station,transformer substation etc.field or laboratory to test the high voltage electric power equipment dielectric tangent value and is integrated structure,there are dielectric loss test inside,with frequency conversion voltage power source,boosting transformer and SF6 high stability standard capacity.
  • Fully Automatic Close Cup Flash Point Tester

    Fully automatic close cup flash point tester is mainly used to test petroleum oil's close cup flash point value. The tester adopts abroad advanced technology, TET true color touching screen, can test temperature, petroleum oil number, atmospheric pressure and so on
  • Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength/ Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Bdv Tester

    insulated oil dielectric strength tester can be divided into single cup three cups and multi-cups.The instrument is simple and easy to operate due to adopt automatic digital microcomputer control, the measurement precision is high, anti-interference ability is strong, safe and reliable.