Transformer Test Equipment

  • Automatic Transformer on-Load Tap Changer Testing Equipment

    type power transformer on-load voltage regulation tapping switch tester applies to measure and analyze the loading tap switch property index of power transformer and special transformer.
  • Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester 10A

    The DC resistance test of transformer winding is an indispensable test item after transformer is transferred, overhauled and changed. It adopts new power technology, with stable performance, quick measurement, compact size, easy to use, high precision of measurement and good repeatability of data.
  • Full Automatic TTR Meter Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

    In power transformer production, user handover and maintenance test process,transformer ratio test is the item must do, it can effectively supervise the quality of transformer and quality in using process, to prevent the transformer turn-to-turn short circuit, open circuit, connection error, regulating switch internal fault or contact failure.
  • Automatic Smart Transformer Test Bench

    integrated transformer test bench conform to the state standard GB/T4776, GB/T5169, GB/4285. This product is mainly used for load and no-load power transformer, distribution transformer characteristics tests, also can do power frequency withstand voltage and double frequency inductance, partial discharge tests.
  • Transformer Oil Dielectric Loss Tester/Oil Resistivity Testing Equipment

    Automatic dielectric loss tester is the high accuracy measuring instrument for power station,transformer substation etc.field or laboratory to test the high voltage electric power equipment dielectric tangent value and capacitance.
  • Transformer Sweep Frequency Response Winding Deformation Testing Instrument

    Transformer winding deformation tester can accurately judge the fault in the transformer, according to test transformer's internal winding characteristics parameters. The testing adopts fault frequency response analysis method(FRA), which has been completely developed and widely used in the world.
  • Transformer Capacity Tester Transformer Load No-Load Tester

    Transformer capacity tester is specially used for distribution power transformer's capacity, no-load and load testing, and also have the function of resonant waveform analyzation,convenient for on-site electric grid quality analyzing.
  • 电缆故障测试系统 CYTX-711B